“A best friend walks in even when the whole world walks out…
For me, a true friend will never ever leave you no matter what happens! It’s not important whether he or she is miles apart from you, as a best friend will always have you in their heart forever. So distance should really not matter. A best friend will always believe in you even though you no longer believe in yourself. He or she will always bring out the best in you. A best friend is like your other self, he or she will be your best and worst critic as he or she will always tell you the truth, though he or she knows it will sometimes hurt you. At least he or she is always honest. A best friend will not need any explanation as he or she will always understand. and most of all, a best friend is someone who is willing to share his or her time with you. Time shared together should always be important because time is something no one can ever buy nor take back.”